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18-Wheeler Accident Dallas Texas


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A Guide to 18 Wheeler Accident Laws in Dallas Texas

The laws in Dallas for 18 wheeler accidents are a little more complicated than an ordinary car, or even truck, accidents. Largely because there is so much more at stake. When a big 18 wheeler crashes the damage can be catastrophic, they are pretty darn good at stopping but they are not capable of miracles. Ensuring you understand how the laws work before you get into an accident is highly important if you don’t know what to do and what to look for you may miss something vital that could land you in legal trouble. Or, even leave you high and dry financially when you miss out on the money you are owed. This short article will explain in layman terms everything you need to know:

How serious are 18 wheeler accidents? 

18 wheeler accidents are very serious. There is so much more weight and power involved that accidents can be catastrophic. If an 18 wheeler hits a standard car at speed it is going to wipe it out completely. 18 wheelers are incredibly dangerous, they are the leading causes of accidents on Texas roads. Dallas included. It is a very difficult, very stressful job, that carries high risks. So knowing the laws and regulations is vital for keeping yourself safe. If you drive an 18 wheeler the chances are you will get into at least one accident during your career.

What injuries can be caused?

Since 18 wheeler crashes are so high impact they can lead to very severe injuries. Bruising, whiplash, and concussion are common. Less common but still possible is severe lacerations, broken bones, maiming, burns, or even sadly death. Spinal cord injuries, nerve injuries, or severe PTSD and other disabilities are life long problems that you should not be forced to pay for yourself. Hiring a lawyer to ensure you are getting the compensation you not only need but deserve is so important. Why should you be forced to pay for an injury that was caused by manufacturer negligence? You shouldn’t. Luckily, in Dallas and Texas as a whole, the courts are always going to be on your side.

Do I need to file a police report?

It is so important to file a police report as soon as you can. When the accident happens, you should be calling the police anyway. Some times you can file the report there and then. In some cases though you will be able to go back to the station, or even file it the next day. Unfortunately, the report needs to be filed quickly. Even if you have suffered an injury. Our memories are pretty bad, even a week is enough to distort what happened in our minds. Since you likely don’t handle the insurance of the 18 wheeler, you might not have to give this too much consideration. The insurance company will do a thorough investigation into both the vehicle, you, and the other involved parties.

What are some causes of 18 wheeler accidents? 

Since 18 wheelers are so big and can go so fast they are moving with a heck of a lot of momentum. It is very hard to make them stop, so sudden accidents simply won’t give them enough time to stop without ramming right into whoever they just hit. One of the biggest problems is mechanical failures. This is where who is at fault can get a little tricky. Is it a manufacturing issue? Maintenance? Is it the manufacturer’s fault or yours? That is up to the courts to decide. Its why you may want to hire a lawyer. Was the truck overloaded? Is that fault of the shipping department or you, the driver? Again, this is up to the courts to decide. Insurance companies, even yours, are going to be looking at ways to paint you as the person who is at fault so they can avoid paying.

Driving under the influence: 

Another common cause of 18 wheeler accidents is driving under the influence. Be it alcohol, drugs, or even exhaustion. Ensuring that you are one hundred percent sober and fully rested before driving is the best way to firstly avoid accidents, but also avoid blame. If someone crashes into you, one hundred percent their fault, they break your legs and total your 18 wheeler but you are drunk – well that’s going to be seen as your fault. Never drive under the influence, the cops will breathalyze you at the scene of the crime to make sure. Your lawyer won’t have an easy time arguing your case if you were drunk. You might not only be found at fault but end up seeing some serious jail time. Texas is strict when it comes to drinking and driving.

Who will be found at fault?

There will be a lot of contention over who is at fault. Just as there would with any vehicle crashes. But, since there are businesses involved not just two civilians who are at fault will be even more heavily debated. There is a lot on the line for all parties, so every aspect of the crash will be investigated. Who will be found at fault can be one of three entities. The driver, the manufacturer, or the business the driver belongs to. Lawyers will collaborate with insurance companies to ensure the right person, or people, are held accountable.

Do I need a Lawyer?

You certainly do need a lawyer. But, if you are just the driver, that will likely be handled by your employer. You will not be expected to hire a lawyer. Unless you are found at fault by your employer’s lawyer. In which case you will need one. It is best to hire one as soon as possible. You may like and trust your employer, but if they can use you as the scapegoat they will. It is more cost-effective for them to place the blame squarely on your shoulders. Your lawyer will fight for you no matter the odds to ensure that you get the compensation and protection that you deserve. The gamble of having to defend yourself in court to save a few bucks is one you don’t want to make.

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